GeSHI Filter Dark Theme

Are you one of those people like me that can only use dark themed IDEs these days? Ever since I switched to Aptana (with its default dark layout) from Eclipse for most of my dev work, I can no longer look at light-colored code windows.

So how does one get GeSHI filter to go along with the dark trend? Well, here's some css that I use to do just that:

Drupal 7 EntityFieldQuery shortcut class for nodes

One of the big changes in Drupal 7 was to create another abstraction layer above nodes, users, etc. This abstraction layer allows one to access all of the various components as "entities". In Drupal 6, I always felt the push to make everything be a node, so this abstraction layer solves that problem--just treat everything as an entity and don't force the node issue.

Optimizing a 7000 uniques/day Drupal 6 site

We recently took on the task of optimizing a high traffic Drupal 6 site that sees more than 7000 unique visitors per day.

WYSIWYG + CKEditor + GeSHI Filter syntax highlighting

One of our goals for our new Drupal 7 site launch was to have a better blog section where we could discuss a few of the solutions we come up with to the everyday problems we encounter. For me, that means I need a good way to display formatted code to readers. Enter the GeSHI Filter. This module looked great and did what I wanted.