Introducing Phonegap/Cordova iOS Social Plugin

We've been using Phonegap/Cordova for a number of cross platform apps lately and have found that we are really starting to take advantage of a lot of native plugins. One of the latest features we were looking to integrate was that of social sharing--namely, sharing items to one's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc account from the app.

PHPList Autoresponder Plugin

We've been running phplist ever since our MailChimp fees approached $100/month. By setting up phplist on our own servers and managing our lists ourselves, we save ourselves thousands a year. But phplist, which mostly does a good job, lacks a number of useful features--one of the largest missing features being an autoresponder.

Phonegap 2.2 with armv6, armv7 built against iOS5 SDK

So, this entry is going to be all about getting around Apple's dropping of armv6 support in Xcode 4.5 (iOS6 SDK) and later and how to build Phonegap 2.2 (Cordova) apps that work in iOS4, iOS5 and iOS6.

JMSSecurityExtraBundle 1.3 introduces @SecurityFunction

We're currently investing development resources into an upcoming open-source Symfony2 based project. A few of my favorite bundles are JMSDiExtraBundle and JMSSecurityExtraBundle from Johannes Schmitt, both of which come with the default vendor release of Symfony2.

Relocating Wordpress: Why we created Complete Update URLs

Relocating WordPress from one URL to another URL is a common task for us. When building a new site or making changes to an existing site we will often create a sandbox environment to develop and test our changes before full deployment. Moving from development to deployment requires that the URLs in the WordPress database be changed.

Optimizing a 7000 uniques/day Drupal 6 site

We recently took on the task of optimizing a high traffic Drupal 6 site that sees more than 7000 unique visitors per day.

On the fly E-Junkie tax UI changes with JQuery

Don't get me wrong, E-Junkie works great when tax is not collected on a sale. However, introducing tax into the equation changes the way the cart system behaves.